Airplane Rental

Airplane Rental in Fort Worth, TX

We have a wide range of airplanes available to rent. Our fleet currently possesses a Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Piper Warrior II, Piper Arrow and a Piper Apache. Be sure to check out our rates.

Come into the office at Meacham International Airport or call us today to schedule a plane rental. Fly to your favorite destination by turning to Alpha Aero Academy in Fort Worth, Texas.  We have a wide variety of airplane rental options available.  Schedule your next proficiency flight with us.  We will put you in the cockpit and let the search for your next aviation adventure begin.


Simulator Rental

Whether you are working on an instrument rating, maintaining currency, or practicing CFIT avoidance scenarios, our DCX Max full motion simulator is a great aviation training tool, and at a very affordable price. At $55/hour you can customize the weather, location and aircraft to suit your needs. Our sim is located in a room of its own in a quiet location in our building, allowing you the calm environment you need to practice complicated procedures and approaches. Most importantly, our sim is classified as an AATD (advanced aviation training device). That means it is qualified under the FAR’s to fulfill 20 of the 40 hours of simulated instrument time towards an instrument rating (during training with a qualified instructor). It is also a great option for maintaining IFR currency.  Feel free to call or come in to book time whenever you need.


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