Want to learn to fly? Alpha Aero Academy is DFW’s premier pilot training school.  We offer flight and ground training courses that cater to aviators of all experience levels.  Whether you are a beginner, a private pilot looking for airplanes to rent, or have aspirations to fly professionally, we can help. Call to or come on out! Directions here

Do any of these categories describe you?

  • The student who has never flown before and wants to fly for fun or to further their business interests.
  • The student who started somewhere else, but, for whatever reason, wasn’t able to finish.
  • Licensed pilot wanting to add an additional Certification or Rating.
  • The student interested in pursuing an aviation career.
  • Looking for an airplane to rent?

No matter which type of student or pilot you are, we stake our reputation on our experience in getting you into the program that best fits your needs and schedule.

Initial FAA Pilot License

The first license for the majority of pilots is a Private Pilot certificate.  The private license is designed for students of all age, starting at 16. This license allows you to fly for pleasure or business purposes. Once you earn the license, you can take friends and family along with you to share the experience.