Becoming a Professional Pilot

Getting your commercial pilot certificate not only symbolizes an advance in your skills, but it has the practical benefit of allowing you to earn income from flying (and part of your training involves learning under what circumstances you may do so!). For the most part the commercial certificate involves the skills you learned as a private pilot, but requires you to take them to the next level: the cross country trips are longer, the maneuvers are more complicated and require more finesse on the part of the pilot, and of course you will have to master the infamous 180 degree “engine out” landing (don’t worry, it’s fun!).

The FAA requires pilots to have 250 hours of flight time for the commercial certificate. That includes 100 hours as pilot in command, 50 hours of cross country, 10 hours in a complex aircraft, 10 hours of simulated instrument time, 5 hours of night flying, and a couple cross country flights fitting certain criteria. We have a complex aircraft available so that you can fulfill the complex requirement, and we have timebuilding blocks available to students still trying to get to the 250 hour mark.

If you would like to take the first step towards your commercial certificate, please give us a call at (817) 378-0155. Better yet, come by our office at 4001 N. Main St. under the big green sign and we’ll take a look at your logbook and start sketching out a plan for your training.

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