Hitting the Books

Alpha Aero Academy offers intensive ground school courses of all levels to help prepare people for their FAA written exams. These courses take place every month on a given weekend from Friday to Sunday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm and cost $350. During that three-day intensive the instructor will dive into all the subjects covered in the knowledge exam, and at the end of the course you will receive an endorsement to take the exam.

Benefits of an Intensive Course

Knowledge is power! Not only will this course help you pass your exam, but during the course you will build a knowledge base that will help you get more out of flight training. During the focused 3-day course the instructor will provide you with a “map” of sorts laying out everything that you need to know for your certificate or rating. This can greatly help you gauge your strengths or weaknesses and fill in any gaps. They say an airplane is the “world’s worst classroom,” this course can be a great corrective to that. After this you’ll go into your lessons already familiar with the concepts your instructor is going to cover, and you will progress faster as a result. If interested, call 817-378-0155 to sign up today! Don’t let the written or oral exams be the stumbling block that keeps you from advancing in your aviation goals.

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