Multi Engine Training

Vroom! For people looking forward to flying jets at the airlines, the twin will definitely be a satisfying power boost compared to the Cessna 172. For any student though, multi-engine training teaches you to handle the extra bulk, power and speed of a large aircraft, and those skills will carry over no matter your ultimate goals.

The multi-engine rating teaches you about the differences between twin-engine and single-engine aircraft. Much of your training will focus on single-engine operations. You will practice engine restart procedures and flying with only one engine. While the FAA does not require a written exam for the multi-engine rating, you will need to demonstrate your understanding of multi-engine flying and aircraft systems during your oral exam. More importantly, you want to ensure that you understand multi-engine aircraft well enough to handle any situation that you may encounter.

The multi-engine rating does not have a specific flight hour requirement. Your instructor will track your progress and cover the required knowledge areas and skills until you both feel that you are ready to take the exam.

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