Refresher Training

Is it already that time again?  If the time has come for you to get or remain current, we have just the answer.  Whether you are in need of your Flight Review (BFR) or Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC), Alpha Aero Academy has the solution to keep you and your skills up-to-date. Upon satisfactory completion of your flight review or proficiency check you will receive the logbook endorsement needed for you to continue exercising the privileges of your pilot certificate. Call now to schedule your fun and refreshing day.

Biennial Flight Review (BFR)

The BFR is a general review of your piloting skills and knowledge. During the flight review, your instructor will also discuss with you any new changes that have occurred since your last review flight. For most pilots one flight is all it takes to knock the rust off and review a new flight review endorsement from your instructor.

FAR 61.56 states that a flight review must consist of one hour of ground training and one hour of flight training. To act as pilot in command (PIC) a pilot must have completed a flight review within the previous 24 calendar months.

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